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The best way to import your data into Link2Market is to use a CSV format.
All common separators are supported.

You don’t have to! Link2Market can automatically assign your products to the respective marketplace categories. Depending on the data quality up to 100% can be automatically assigned.

Alternatively, you can use the product search with a wide range of filters to group your products together and then assign them to a corresponding eBay category, e.g. for the eBay marketplace.

Decide how you want to work!

The performance of course always depends on the individual network connection to the respective marketplace.

On the part of Ascora GmbH, we naturally pay attention to local and high-performance servers to operate our interfaces. Above all, however, Link2Market is designed to process large databases. A reliable and high performance of the software was one of the most important tasks during the development.

And in the unlikely event that you do run into problems, the support department is there to help you quickly develop solutions to your problem.

In the course of connecting a marketplace such as eBay, Link2Market receives an authorization token from the corresponding marketplace.
This contains the information that allows Link2Market to list products on the corresponding eBay account. Probably this token has expired.

You can check the status of the registration and the token in the main menu under eBay Settings – Account and update it if necessary.

You probably use a different delimiter in your CSV file than Link2Market expects.

Go to the import settings in the left main menu under Settings – System configuration.

There you can set the separator that Link2Market should use to interpret your CSV file.

You can do this in exactly the way that is most convenient for your processes. You can set up the location in your eBay account. Afterwards, you can select it in Link2Market. Or you simply create the location directly in Link2Market and the application will take care of the synchronization with eBay.

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